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Topic outline

  • Greetings

    1. Greet your partner in English.

    2. Introduce yourself.

    3. Ask your partner something about him/herself. For example, ” Where are you from (in China)? “

    4. Listen to your partner’s response.

    5. Tell your partner something about yourself.
    For example, “I’m from Spain. I am a university student.”

    Suggestion: Call and talk to a partner from China, Vietnam, or any other country.

    • Introducing self

      With a partner, practice giving and responding to information.

      1. When your partner tells you something about himself/herself, say “Really?” and ask a related question.

      For example,

      I’m from Nepal.

      Really? Is this your first time here?

      I live in Cincinnati.

      Really? Is that near Cleveland?

      I’m an engineer.

      Oh really? Which train?